Because seriously... it’s time to close the book on your “grad student” phase .

(Unless you like living in your parents' basement at age 33.)

Did you know…

• 50 – 65% of students who enter doctoral programs fail to earn their doctorates?

• One of the leading causes of doctoral dropouts is the inability to complete a dissertation?

• Most students feel inadequately supported by their dissertation committee members?

• The longer you take the complete a dissertation, the lower the likelihood you’ll finish?

Are you…

• In a time crunch where you have to finish your dissertation or be kicked out of your program?

• At the height of frustration with your dissertation process and committee?

• Stuck in a season where you haven’t touched your dissertation for months… or years?

• Ready to do whatever it takes (within the law) before this entire dissertation process makes you insane?

Geniuscribes can help! We eat dissertations for breakfast.

Well, not really. We like waffles topped with fresh seasonal berries… but you get the point! How can we help you get it done?

One-on-one Dissertation Assistance

Geniuscribes will assign you a “dissertation buddy” to walk you through the process of completing your dissertation, chapter by chapter, section by section, and sentence by sentence. We’ve been doing dissertation work for more than a decade, so walking you through exactly what you need to write and how you need to write it comes second nature to us. Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or video conference. After the coaching sessions, you’ll submit your work to your dissertation buddy for editing.

Fact: In only 1 – 2 semesters, our process can take you from Googling dissertation ideas to see if anyone’s beat you to the punch to being a landing page for someone’s else dissertation search.

The one-on-one dissertation assistance process works chapter by chapter. Each chapter requires a pre-determined number of hours to complete from start to finish. Feel free to order one chapter at a time or multiple chapters all at once. Click on the chapters below to view an expanded list of section included in the estimated coaching hours needed for completion.

Front Matter
  • Abstract
  • Linked Table of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to Study
  • Background of Study
  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose of the Study
  • Research Questions
  • Advancing Scientific Knowledge
  • Significance of Study
  • Definition of Terms
  • Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations
  • Chapter Summary
Chapter 2: Literature Review
  • Chapter Introduction
  • Background of Problem
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
  • Review of the Literature (15 articles)
  • Synthesis of Literature
  • Chapter Summary
Chapter 3: Methodology
  • Chapter Introduction
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Design
  • Population & Sample Selection
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Collection & Management
  • Data Analysis Procedures
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Chapter Summary
Chapter 4: Results / Findings
  • Chapter Introduction
  • Descriptive Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Results / Findings
  • Chapter Summary
Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusions
  • Chapter Introduction
  • Summary of Study
  • Summary of Results / Findings
  • Relation of Results to Research Literature
  • Relation of Results to Significance of Study
  • Recommendations for Future Research
  • Chapter Summary

With our expertise coupled with your motivation to close the door on this chapter (five chapters, to be exact) of your educational journey once and for all, you’ll breeze through the process with less stress, in less time, and with more certainty and direction. Working with Geniuscribes, you’ll get your dissertation done… and you might actually be smiling at the end of the process!

Pretend you’re an Olympic figure skating hopeful, and your dissertation buddy is your hard-lined coach who drives you to the rink at 6 am… and who may or may not be running from something in his or her past!

What the Coaching Process Provides:

  • A structured template for completing your dissertation
  • A realistic timeline towards dissertation completion
  • Short and long-term goals that will keep you focused on the project at hand
  • Ideas to help stimulate your writing creativity
  • Guidance in working with your dissertation committee and maintaining contact with them
  • Assistance with organizing your research findings and with implementing directions from your dissertation committee
  • Advice on how to effectively communicate your research results

How the Process Works:

  • Choose an individual or group coaching method
  • Submit monthly payments online
  • Receive desperately needed guidance, direction, accountability, and motivation to finish!
  • Proofing and editing services (additional cost)

Dissertation Intensive Retreats

Our dissertation intensive retreats are for doctoral students who desire to “plow through and get it done.” During these 4-day, 3-night retreats, you hunker down in a hotel with our dissertation buddies, and they hold your hand while walking you through the process of writing your dissertation. Each retreat is designed to help you complete either Phase 1 (chapters 1-3) or Phase 2 (chapters 4-5) of your dissertation by the conclusion of the intensive.

How often are the dissertation intensive retreats held?
The retreats are typically held once a month in a region of the U.S. where there is high demand by graduate students. To be updates about upcoming dissertation intensives, sign up on our e-mail distribution list and/or follow us on social media. As new dates and locations are posted, you can choose to attend an intensive in your city or region, or you might want to make it a road trip or book a flight to another city to participate in one that is offered at a time of the year that best fits your timeline for completing your dissertation.
How much do dissertation intensive retreats cost?
The cost of the retreats will slightly vary according to location. However, we assure you that the cost is well worth it! After all, what price would you put on finally completing your dissertation and being able to move on with your life as “Dr. you”? If you’re questioning the cost of attending a retreat, just think how much less it’ll cost than another semester of school!
How do “broke graduate students” afford dissertation intensive retreats?

Typically, graduate students who really want to get their dissertation done take one of the following approaches to be able to attend a dissertation intensive:

1) Financial aid – They use some of their financial aid. As soon as they receive it at the beginning of the semester, they book their retreat spot.

2) Credit cards – They use one – or a few – of those credit cards that they received (in order to get the free t-shirt on campus) to pay for a spot.

3) Mom and Dad – They say, “If I can get this ‘last little push’ from you, I’ll finally finish my dissertation!” News to Mom’s and Dad’s ears!

4) Installments – They take advantage of our installment option, which allows for 4 smaller payments to be paid off before the retreat.

What’s included in the retreat cost?
Included in the cost of each dissertation intensive retreat are 3 nights’ lodging, breakfast, lunch and snacks (for 4 days), daily group coaching sessions and daily individual coaching sessions.
If I need assistance with my dissertation after my retreat, will my dissertation buddy be available to help me?
Yes. However, any one-on-one coaching that is provided by your dissertation buddy after the retreat will come at an additional, although discounted cost. Retreat attendees pay a lower hourly rate than non-retreat clients pay for one-on-one coaching.

Video Tutorials (Tools, Tips, Techniques & Motivation)

Our team at Geniuscribes has been working with graduate students for more than a decade, and we’re pretty sure that we’ve heard every grad student dissertation-related question there is. As a means of providing assistance to students like you, we have developed a series of webinars and a library of videos that you can view when you have questions about the various sections of your dissertation.

We also feature some motivational videos that you can access to keep you going when you’re feeling like you’re just on the verge of throwing your laptop off of your balcony screaming, “To Hades with you, anthropological linguistics of Marxist economies in eastern Europe! To Hades, I say!”

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Geniuscribes, who coached me as I worked on my dissertation research. Their unbelievable support, patience, brilliance and contributions were invaluable. Their dedication and commitment to academic excellence are evident in everything they do, and their guidance and ability to push my thinking were essential to the culmination of my research study! #forevergrateful – Dr. E.

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