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We provide on-demand ghostwriting, editing, coaching and publishing services for intellectual authors and advanced academics.
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A writer, editor or coach on demand?

The gig economy just raised its game. Booyah!

Book Ghostwriting, Editing & Publishing

We prep, write, and get the book printed. You keep all of your rights, royalties and sanity. That’s quite a deal, don’t you think? 

With our unique and easy-to-use ghostwriting and manuscript development process, we can take you from “sorta kinda” book idea to ready-to-publish author in a matter of weeks. C’mon… you wouldn’t want someone else to write and publish your book idea first, sell the movie rights and be inking a seven-figure advance on the sequel while you’re still trying to figure out how to get your book done, would you? Let us help you get that book out of your head and onto the shelf NOW!

Specialty Books for Christian Authors

Every sermon series you’ve ever preached can be turned into a book that will bless lives worldwide. Let us help you establish your global pulpit!

You’ve been called to share the message of the good news, but why have you limited yourself to a local audience? Through the pages of a book, you can reach millions of readers with the sermons and teachings that you’ve painstakingly prepared for years. Allow our biblically-trained group of nerds with pens and Bibles to expand your audience from a local one to a global one so you can touch and transform lives around the world!

Doctoral Dissertation Coaching & Editing

You’ve been a graduate student long enough. Let’s get you graduated already!

From one-on-one personalized writing assistance to dissertation intensive retreats and video tutorials, we equip you with the guidance, tools and help you need to complete your dissertation and join the elite ranks of doctoral degree holders around the world. All before you perish!

Geniuscribes’ core values of

Integrity, Clear Communication, and Excellence

turn each of our satisfied clients into brand ambassadors!  

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There is not enough time to write about my experience with Geniuscribes! The efficiency and guidance throughout my writing project was immeasurable. The team puts their all into their work from start to finish. I do not know how I would have made it through my dissertation without them. I am very pleased and am a life-time client for any writing projects! If you want the best, choose Geniuscribes… they are genius! – Debbi Thomas

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