We’d share all the really juicy details of our humble beginnings with you, but there are none. We’re nerds. Remember?

(…and just for the record, we were proud nerds waayyy before nerd life became “mainstream cool.”)

The geniuscribes Mission

To provide a painless process of getting books that will benefit and better humanity out of people’s heads and onto the shelves.

The geniuscribes Vision

Helping every aspiring author turn a book dream into a reality so that those who successfully write and publish books won’t be anomalies; they’ll be the norm.

How It All Started

It all began in 2003. Our founder was writing her doctoral dissertation at The University that is largely considered the greatest in the state of Texas (we would say “in the south,” but for the record, Texas is not the south, thank you very much).

From the time she began graduate school, our founder had heard the shocking stories of how so many students failed to finish their Ph.D.’s. It astonished her to hear that nearly 70% of these students had invested so much time, money and sacrifice into doctoral programs, only to get to walk away with nothing. Why? Because they could not get past writing the dissertation. She was not only determined not to be one of these statistics; she was determined to research and write her dissertation in record time.

To make a long story short, she did it. After completing her dissertation, Dr. W. began doing other professional writing projects for people – smart people who trusted her intellect and literary talent to tell their stories and effectively communicate their message. They raved about her work and spread the word. Her literary game was strong, and more importantly, helping others achieve their writing goals made her feel great!

Over the next 10 years, she and her growing team of literary nerds would go on to coach doctoral students (100% of them have completed their dissertations and graduated) and ghostwrite hundreds of books (yes, literally!) for numerous clients. Today, she and her team of nerds continue to serve clients all over the nation by helping them to write smart books. End of story!

Call us “eggheads” and we’ll answer.
Just give us a moment to hit ‘save’ first, please.

(…and we’d prefer to be called Sir Edwin Pennyhammer. We’ve just always liked that name.

About Our Team

Geniuscribes is a team of self-professed nerds with crazy good writing, coaching and research skills. All of our doctoral coaching and editing team members either have graduate degrees or are closely overseen by a team leader with a Ph.D., and they are carefully trained in the fail-proof Geniuscribes system that helps doctoral students complete their dissertations in record time.

Our literary writers are passionate about writing and are experienced in ghostwriting for clients in countless genres, from Christian inspiration to business, leadership, nutrition and relationships. You name it, and our team members can write it!

Simply put, we are nerds with pens. Our team of writers, editors, academic coaches, and publishing experts – and our beloved doggos who inspire us and make us smile every day – can’t wait to serve you.

We’re an open book.
What would you like to know?

(Ask us anything except ‘what’s the key to long-lasting happiness?’ Maybe go to a philosopher for that?)

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About Geniuscribes FAQS

What Players Comprise the Team at Geniuscribes?
The Geniuscribes team is comprised of a group of individuals who are experts at what they do. From academicians, to statisticians, to ghostwriters, to editors, to graphic designers and beyond, we work with only the best players so that we can ensure that we maintain our standards of high quality – our stellar reputation!
What Can I Expect from Geniuscribes?
Clients who choose Geniuscribes for their writing, coaching and indie publishing needs can expect to work with trained, experienced professionals from start to finish. We maintain constant communication with you, communicate all critical communications in writing, and patiently answer any questions and address any concerns that you might have throughout the process. Most of all, you can expect to walk away from your experience with Geniuscribes satisfied with a finished product of which you can be proud.

Dissertation Intensive Retreats FAQS

What are the requirements for participating in the retreat?
Requirements for participation in dissertation intensive retreats:

1) Lodging in the host hotel for the entire retreat
2) Timely arrival and participate in daily morning and afternoon group sessions and individual coaching sessions
3) Diligent use of evening hours and break times for writing
4) Laptop computer
5) Submission of your university’s dissertation rubric (If you’ve been provided with one… far too often, students are not.)

Are there any additional costs or requirements for participation in the dissertation intensives?

Although they are not required, Geniuscribes STRONGLY encourages students to order the Intensive Extras, as these will maximize your retreat experience:

Phase 1 Intensive Extras

Coaching Pre-work (Phase 1) – This allows your assigned dissertation buddy to spend hours delving in your research topic prior to the retreat in order to providing one-on-one coaching for you. As a part of the pre-work process, your dissertation buddy will review the most current research, take notes, examine similar studies, and gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of your topic’s placement in the overall body of most current research literature.

Literature Review (Phase 1) – This allows your dissertation buddy to complete his/her own exhaustive review of the literature, making notes about research methods used, population and samples, results and findings, and to understand the similarities, differences and connections that exist between various studies that align with your original research and published literature.

Methods (Phase 1) – This allows your assigned dissertation buddy to examine your research topic and provide a sound list of recommended quantitative, qualitative or triangulated methods that can be engaged in the study to answer your research questions. Along with each of the recommended methods, your dissertation buddy will provide a clear, practical explanation of the method as well as a justification for why it would best suit a study of your nature.

Phase 2 Intensive Extras

Analysis (Phase 2) – This allows your dissertation buddy to examine your data set and familiarize him/herself with the material, whether qualitative or quantitative in nature. Immersion in your data will allow for a richer, more meaningful understanding of the data that you have access to in order to answer your research questions in order to help you extract the answers you need.

If I’d like for Geniuscribes to review some of my material first before I order, will you?
Yes, we will! However, document review/feedback is billed at $75 per hour. This payment can be deducted from your deposit if you decide to utilize our services. This fee is to prevent our writers from spending costly hours reviewing written materials to provide feedback and estimates to individuals who do not utilize our services and ensures that we work with serious inquiries only.

Ghostwriting FAQS

How quickly can Geniuscribes ghostwrite my book?
On average, depending on our seasonal project schedule, we can ghostwrite any book 50-60% faster than the time indicated in the project window for the respective packages.
How much will it cost for Geniuscribes to ghostwrite my book?
It depends on which package you choose. To view our manuscript development ghostwriting packages, click here.
Will my book be print-ready after you finish ghostwriting it?
Not exactly. You will be provided with a completed manuscript. However, after the completion of your manuscript, you will need to work with a publisher to design your book. They will utilize your manuscript content to format the interior, design a front and back cover, register an ISBN and barcode, and complete all of the other logistics necessary to take a manuscript to a printed book. Oh yeah… we offer these services, too. For more about Geniuscribes Indie Pub (independent publishing) services, click here.
What size book does the page count in the packages apply to?
The page count maximums are based upon a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback book.
What if I do not use all of my interview or writing hours. Will I get a refund?
There is no refund, discount, reallocation or other compensation for unused interview or writing hours. Unused live interview hours will convert to writing hours.
What types of materials can I submit as content for my book?
We can utilize live interviews to collect content for your book, or you can submit mp3s and/or written materials as content for your book. One hour of recorded material submitted translates into 1 interview hour and 5 writing hours. One 8.5 x 11 single-spaced page of written material submitted translates into 1/3 of an interview hour and 1.67 writing hours.
If I order a package and need more interview or writing hours, can I order them?
Additional package hours may be purchased at the package’s average rate (package total divided by total of interview/writing hours). For reference, each hour of live interviews translates into 5 hours of writing, on average. Each hour of recorded material translates into 6 – 8 hours of writing, on average. Additional pages beyond the max page count will be billed at average rate of package page. Client will be notified in advance if manuscript is anticipated to exceed page maximum of selected package.
After I submit my initial deposit, what’s next?
One of our team members will contact you to schedule a manuscript consultation in order to get a better feel for your project. From there, we will schedule your first set of interviews to begin collecting content for your book. As you make your installment payments each month, we will continue to schedule your interviews and continue this process until all content is collected and the entire manuscript is written.
What is the “project window”?

The project window is the length of the project.

  • After initial deposit is submitted, client’s project is placed on our project calendar for the maximum number of months allotted for each project package (the “project window”). All payments, collection of content, writing and editing must occur within this project window. Any additional work performed on the project after the project window closes will be billed at an hourly rate. This stipulation applies even if client advises us that additional content will be submitted at a later date.
  • After final project is delivered, clients will have two weeks (14 business days) to review completed project materials and request changes. If feedback or change requests are not received by this deadline, we will consider the final project to have been delivered, and the project file will be closed. Any change requests (including more interview hours, submission of written or recorded materials, and/or writing hours) made after the project file is closed will be billed at an hourly rate.
  • After the project window has closed, the full balance has been paid and the final project has been delivered, if the client requests for additional work to be performed on the project, the additional work will be billed at an hourly rate.  
  • No additional content, whether live interviews, written materials or recordings, may be submitted for the project within 30 days of the end of the project window.
What is the “project window”?What happens if I start the project but stop making installment payments?
Prompt payment of monthly installment fees required to keep project active. The balance of all projects must be paid within the number of months indicated by the maximum number of installments (the “project window”).
Are there any additional or optional fees associated with ghostwriting?

We offer several optional services that fall under “optional fees.”

  • Additional academic/fact-finding research necessary to create content will be billed at $75/hour. Client will be notified in advance if research is necessary.
  • Identifying, creating and/or highlighting callouts in each chapter will be billed at $75/hour. (Note: Identifying or highlighting these elements in a Standard manuscript package would take an estimated 2 hours. Creating these elements in a Standard manuscript package would take an estimated 4 hours.)
  • Expedite fees of 15-25% of package total may apply to projects for which completion is requested significantly sooner than the originally-estimated project completion date. Typically, completion in ½ of the estimated project time requires an expedite fee of 15% of package total, and completion in ¼ of the estimated project time requires an expedite fee of 25% of package total.
How will my completed manuscript be delivered to me?
Your completed project will be delivered to you in a digital format as both an editable document and a PDF.
What if there is a factual or editing error in the final manuscript that Geniuscribes ghostwrites for me?
While Geniuscribes takes great care in editing documents, final responsibility for the entirety of the content, meaning, opinions, citations, permissions, and use of the document belongs to you. You must carefully read through your completed document, word for word, to ensure that your intended meanings have not been inadvertently changed by Geniuscribes in the editing process. Our team at Geniuscribes will utilize our best efforts to produce the best work possible for you. However, the ultimate responsibility for accepting, rejecting and publishing the work rests with you, and Geniuscribes accepts neither responsibility nor liability for damages or costs caused by any content, permissions, citations, typos, errors or omissions in the document.
Can Geniuscribes write Christian books and/or books of other religious persuasions?
At this time, the only religious books that we are able to write are Christian books. We have literally developed hundreds of books for Christian pastors over the past decade. They trust us because they know that we have a strong and sound understanding of Christian doctrine. We understand the criticality of every word that is printed in a book; one wrong word can cross the line into heresy! Therefore, we are particularly careful when ghostwriting this genre of books and take such work very seriously.
Are there any types of books that Geniuscribes does not write?
Yes. We do not write books that are illicit, provocative or controversial in nature, based on our own discretion. Geniuscribes reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
If permissions are needed for my book, does Geniuscribes obtain them for me?
No. You will be responsible for securing your own permissions to use information excerpted from other published sources. However, we will walk you through the process of securing these permissions. It’s not difficult at all.
Does Geniuscribes assume any liability for the material that is written in my book if I get sued?
No. We always promise to do our best to give you our absolute best, but because we are a team of humans rather than robots, it is possible that we might make a mistake or two as we ghostwrite or edit your manuscript. In light of this, our lawyers ensure that we have you sign off on an acknowledgement that the ultimate responsibility for the manuscript rests with you, the client, and that Geniuscribes accepts neither responsibility nor liability for damages or costs caused by any errors in content, citations, typos, or omissions in the document.

Writing Retreats FAQS

Do I have to be a pastor or minister to attend the Christian writers’ retreats?
Not at all. Anyone who is writing a book, whether an individual, a pastor or ministry leader can feel free to register for and attend these retreats. Our goal in making it a Christian writers’ retreat is to make clear that the focus of the coaching is going to be specifically on writing Christian books, and this is something that many pastors desire to do. Also, note that if you are writing a Christian book, you are not limited to the Christian book writers’ retreat. If you desire to attend a general writers’ retreat in a different city, you can feel free to do that, too.
What do I need to bring to the retreat?
You should bring a laptop, because you will be spending some serious, dedicated time working on your book. If you tend to get cold easily, you’ll also want to bring a sweater along. Also, although snacks are included, feel free to bring along your own favorite snacks to nibble in your room as you continue to work after dinner in the evenings.

What you should not bring is anything that will be a distraction. You will be asked to turn off your phone, put away your tablet, and refrain from social media for much of the day as you immerse yourself in the process of getting your book out of your head and onto paper. Don’t worry; when you hop back on the plane with a huge sense of accomplishment at having finished your book, it’ll be worth it.

What if I live in the same city as the retreat? Can I forego the hotel and meals?
Unfortunately, no. The only way that we can assure that you make as much progress as possible during our 4-day, 3-night retreat is to have you all to ourselves. This includes having you hunker down with us in the hotel where you won’t encounter the daily distractions that have managed to rob you of getting your book done over the year
What will we do at the retreat?
Our Geniuscribes writing coaches will provide group and individualized guidance and direction to help you get your book done. There will also be sessions about how to organize your manuscript for reading flow, how to identify and write for your target audience, how to overcome writer’s block, publishing, marketing, and other topics that are of direct relevance to writers like you.
Will I leave the retreat with a completed book manuscript?

The vast majority of our clients will leave the retreat with a completed book. Those who do not leave with a completed book manuscript will at least be really close to completion. However, we should reiterate that your best bet to ensuring that you leave the retreat with a completed manuscript is to order the Jump Start Extra. Doing so allows you and your writing coach to make the best use of your retreat time by starting with a framework and honing in on the areas that need the most development.

Will I be provided with one-on-one writing assistance?

Yes. Each day, you will receive individualized writing assistance in which you will be provided with guidance on what to write and how to write it.

Can I bring along a spouse, friend or assistant with me for the conference?

If you like, you can bring along a friend or assistant. However, be cautioned: if these individuals tend to distract you from getting your book done while you are at home, they will likely distract you from getting your book done while you are at the writing retreat. On the other hand, if you have an assistant who understands you and how you work, and you desire to bring him/her along to work with you, type for you, etc. this might be more of a help than a hindrance.


The bottom line: be careful about who you bring along and carefully assess whether the individual will help or hinder your retreat experience. If your guest will attend any of the group or individual coaching or writing sessions, or if he/she will partake of breakfast and/or lunch with you, an additional registration fee is required.

If I end up not attending the retreat, will you offer me a refund?

No. All deposits and registration costs are non-refundable. However, they are transferable; you can gift any payments made for a particular retreat to another person if that person has not already submitted his/her own deposit for the same retreat. Unfortunately, although the payments are transferable from person to person, they are not transferable from retreat to retreat.

Do you offer additional assistance if I need help with my book after the retreat?

Yes. Our writers are always available to provide consultations and coaching after the retreat. However, these services are not a part of the retreat cost. Additional fees are required for these services.

Editing FAQS

What is the turnaround time for document editing?

We can give you a general estimate of how long your editing project will take once we review your document; some documents need a lot more editing and require a lot more time than others because of writing style and the extent of editing required. After you submit the required payment for your project, we can give you an exact completion date.

Can I pay for the editing of my document in installments?

Typically, no. all payments for editing projects must be submitted in advance of the project beginning. However, in certain cases in which the project is very extensive, we might be able to break the payments into two installments. Reach out to us, and we’ll consider this option on a case by case basis.

If Geniuscribes makes or leaves an error or typo in my document, will you assume liability?

No. We always promise to do our best to give you our absolute best, but because we are a team of humans rather than robots, it is possible that we might make a mistake or two as we your manuscript. In light of this, our lawyers ensure that we have you sign off on an acknowledgement that the ultimate responsibility for the manuscript rests with you, the client, and Geniuscribes accepts neither responsibility nor liability for damages or costs caused by any errors in content, citations, typos, or omissions in the document.

Indie Publishing FAQS

How is Geniuscribes differ from other publishers?

In order to better understand the type of publisher Geniuscribes is, it helps to first understand the type of publisher that we are not!


  • Geniuscribes is not a “traditional publisher.” Traditional publishing companies purchase manuscripts from authors, take over all rights to the work, do all of the work necessary to prepare the book for production, and printing, sell the book, and give the author a portion of the proceeds from the sales (called “royalties”). 
  • Geniuscribes is also not a “subsidy publisher.” After the author pays a subsidy publisher to complete a book, the subsidy publisher assigns its own ISBN number to the author’s book (so that the publisher becomes the publisher of record instead of the author who wrote the book) and lists the author’s book as part of its own catalog. Whenever a book sells, because the book ISBN is registered under the subsidy publisher’s name, the publisher can mark the price of the book up higher than the author’s original retail price and then receive an additional royalty from the sale of each book. Understandably, many authors take issue with this practice. What’s worse, when authors try to terminate their relationship with subsidy publishers, they find that their hands are tied: the fine print in their contract that tells them that their ISBN, formatted manuscript, cover, digital files, etc. remain the property of the publisher. It’s no wonder that so many authors are skeptical of the publishing process!
  • Geniuscribes is a “vanity publisher.” Authors pay a fee to vanity publisher to turn their manuscript into a finished book through pre-press services (editing, layout and formatting, cover design, copyright registration, ISBN number, etc.). Then, the author can order printed copies of the book or distribute it as an e-book. At Geniuscribes, authors retain all rights to every part of their book and retain 100% of their own royalties. We operate with fairness and integrity in all of our dealings with our clients – no tricks. Authors who self-publish are safe with us.
Will my finished book look like it was printed at the local copy center?

Absolutely not. In fact, the low quality of self-published books is the primary reason that we ventured into the indie-publishing space several years ago. We were tired of producing amazing manuscripts for our clients, only to have them take their manuscripts to a publisher who turned it into a pitiful-looking book that looked like it had been produced at the local copy center. No bueno. After so many years after seeing this happen, we decided to do something about it. The books that we design for our clients look like they belong on the shelf of any commercial bookstore.

At Geniuscribes, we strive to produce high-quality books for our clients. This includes ensuring that our books look professional – that they do not have the tell-tale “self-published” look. Others will not be able to look at your book and tell that it was self-published! To ensure the professional quality of our work, we choose only the best materials and processes to produce our clients’ books. Our reputation – and our authors’ reputations – depend on it!

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