So, you haven't begun converting your sermons to books yet? No worries... our passionate Bible geeks will get your message into the hands of a global audience in no time!

(...because while your biker shorts should stay tucked away and forgotten forever, your best sermons should not!)

What Are Gospelscribes?

Gospelscribes are nerds with pens and Bibles! We provide ghostwriting and editing services for pastors, ministers and other Christian authors. This division of geniuscribes offers the same ghostwriting packages and publishing services that geniuscribes offers, but the writers who work on these projects have been trained in sound Christian doctrine.

If your messages haven’t gone global yet,
you’re wayyyy behind the curve, my Christian friend!

Why Was Gospelscribes Developed?

After helping clients develop manuscripts for more than a decade, the geniuscribes team recognized that there was a whole world of pastors out there who needed Christian books developed. However, they didn’t have confidence in traditional ghostwriters to get the job done. After all, it takes a certain level of biblical training to accurately write manuscripts of this nature. Souls are on the line, and their lives depend on the doctrinal soundness and theological precision of the Christian books they read! To meet this need, we developed gospelscribes: nerds with pens and Bibles!

What Are The Doctrinal Beliefs of Gospelscribes?

We at gospelscribes understand that books of this nature must be taken quite seriously. Orthodoxy matters! One minor word being included or excluded from a sentence can mean the difference between sound doctrine and heresy. We keep these things in mind, approaching the task of packaging your message to a global audience with a great deal of seriousness.

For an overview of our doctrinal beliefs, click here:

Note: At this time, our nerds with pens and Bibles are only trained and equipped to write and edit work grounded in orthodox Christian doctrine. At this time, we are not equipped to serve the writing and editing needs of those from other faiths. Further, gospelscribes reserves the right to decline any writing or editing project for any reason.

Sermon-to-Book Conversions

Many pastors and ministers have loads of series and sermons that they’ve preached to an audience or two over the years. After selling some CDs or MP3s and maybe a video or two, the powerful message that they labored and prayed over for so long is soon forgotten. Rarely do they repeat these messages, because the next time they stand to proclaim God’s word, the people want to hear something brand new!

However, what about all of the time, energy, prayer, research, blood, sweat, tears, and LOVE that went into painstakingly preparing these messages? After all that was invested into them, do these messages have to be a “one and done”? Not with gospelscribes at your service!

Allow our writers to convert your sermons into books that will travel past your local audiences and touch the world in print and in ebook formats.

Let us help you extend your local pulpit into a global one!

How The Gospelscribes Process Works

Typically, pastors and ministers will provide our gospelscribes with a preaching series consisting of four related messages, each about 30 – 45 minutes in length. Believe it or not, one of these preaching series can provide sufficient content for the development of a topical book!

Our writers listen to and transcribe the audio recordings and then review all of the content to propose an outline for a book. After the outline is approved by the author, our skilled writers go to work, crafting the teachings into a well-organized, biblically-sound manuscript in the speaker’s voice, tone, and personality. If there are gaps in the content or flow of the book, we conduct a phone interview with the pastor to fill them in, and we keep writing until the message is seamless, compelling and complete. Finished manuscripts are forwarded to the author for review before being sent to final proofing and editing. By the way, our editors are biblically trained, too!

Finally, once the manuscript development process if completed and the author signs off on the manuscript for content, writing style and accuracy, it’s all about selecting the right publishing package (print and ebook) that will introduce the book to readers all over the world.

We can take your best messages from sitting lonely on the shelves of your church bookstore to the doorsteps, phones and tablets of readers around the world… all in a matter of WEEKS!

Christian Writer Retreats

Sometimes, Christian authors don’t want to use a ghostwriter; they want to develop their manuscripts on their own, or at least take the first stab at it before they pass it on to a professional writer to complete. We totally get that.

Unfortunately, the non-stop demands of life and ministry make finding the time to get a book done nearly impossible. Like other aspiring authors, Christian authors benefit from getting away from it all in a serene, scenic setting to spend concentrated time on developing their book.

Complete with writing coaches, developmental sessions, creativity exercises, communal meals, and opportunities to read your work in front of a non-judgmental audience that will provide valuable feedback on your work, evening gatherings and activities and the opportunity to fellowship with other like-minded Christian authors.

Our gospelscribes Christian writer retreats are only offered periodically, so be sure to subscribe to our page to get notifications about the upcoming events. Once you receive the notification, sign up and submit your deposit as soon as registration begins to save your spot!

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